Science Fair

For my science fair project I did hydrogen and the pop test. My dad the P.E teacher of my school was a judge. I had no idea that he was a judge. The only thing I cared about was impressing my dad. Afterwards I found out he thought mine was the best and most scientific. I won third place and was glad I made my dad proud. Everyone likes a proud family. I was presenting it with a friend.

Presentation Script: Hydrogen is a basic element. It is the richest element in the universe. It was founded by Henry Cavendish in 1776. Hydrogen came from the Greek words hydro (water) and genes (forming). We will be presenting the pop test today. The pop test is the evidence that there is hydrogen. What we do is put the zinc in the sulphuric acid and wait till it makes hydrogen. [If pop test fails: Alright. We understand that it isn’t working so what we do is put magnesium in. Magnesium produces hydrogen a lot faster but goes away quickly.] {If it works: Another metal you can put in the acid is magnesium which makes hydrogen come a lot faster but dissolves quicker.}
Tools: syringe, glass bottle with special cork, acid(not vinegar), zinc, soap ad water (just in case you touch acid and be sure to always wash your hands afterwards)

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