Coming into India

India is a way different climate than what i am used to. I am used to cold and dry but here it is moist and hot so the really hot days in Mongolia are a little cooler than India but it feels 5x as hot. I love India compared Mongolia. Here are my reasons.

The House: The House is a two story house with a way to the roof. There are 4 Bedrooms (4th is a guest possibly going to be theater room.) Each Bedroom has their own bathroom (finally). We are enclosed in walls. We have our own great driver that everyone knows and likes. We have a cleaner that cooks and obviously cleans. 1 big kitchen. A yard and I believe we have, 4 balcony’s.

The Living Room

The Living Room

The School:                                                                                                                    The School is huge. It is the biggest school I have been in. The food is way better than that of Mongolia. The Schedule is also the weirdest i have seen yet. Everything is cheap compared to Mongolia. Friendly teachers. The one thing I dislike about this year is that we must always use technology. That is coming from some who likes technology.

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