November News

I know, I know. I am putting less effort into posting my updates than I should be. In the past month there has been many great things happen in my life. Some of them I may not want to share. Obviously that is personal. Anyways we have two big events that happened in my school. (One is more important to me.)

The first is a very well won tournament of football (soccer for us Americans). Our boys got in second and we had two girls teams. One of them got 4th the other one got second. Good job to AISC Teams (AISCH if you think I am talking about the metal foundation or the computer one). Unfortunately I do not have bragging rights because I was not on the team.

The second important thing effected life was my very first WWoW trip. (I put it in the simplistic way to build suspense.) WWoW is Week Without Walls. It is a trip where the school’s teachers take the students (middle/ high school) to somewhere else for a week to learn Team-Building activities and to just take them outside since the world is corrupt with electricity. (Even though it is fun) I enjoyed, let me restate that, I loved the WWoW trip and I can’t wait for it next year.  Some of the stuff in my WWoW trip we did were Rapelling down an awesome waterfall (a highlight), Team GPS/Compass Navigation, Raft Building (Team made a raft that had to hold the whole team. WE DID IT!), Kayaking and finally Valley Crossing. The teacher’s also made a skit that made fun all the current couples and some idiots (me) running around a tree 50 times because they were playing truth or dare.