Summary of this Week

Not much happened this week except I finally got my shipment. I got everything I was looking forward to. I also had my birthday and I celebrated it with 10 people at my house. We used my Xbox on my birthday. I got a lot of good things and I would like to thank my friends and family for wishing me a happy birthday.

Tour in a Auto-Rickshaw

For those who don’t know Auto-Rickshaw’s are 3 wheel taxis. We took one and traveled around Chennai (Madras). These Auto-rickshaw drivers were poor women who live in the slum(a very poor place) and was taught by and given the by Speed Trust. ¬† Speed stands for Slum Peoples Economy and Education Distribution. They were able to put 93% of the kids into schools. Some other stuff Speed taught the people of the slum was how to make baskets and bags out of plastic strings and old ads and posters. My mom got an poster bag using Star Wars posters with Yoda on the front. We didn’t spend all day there. I couldn’t handle it. In China I could because I was little and I told my self its girl stuff and think about something else while my mom shopped. I also thought that it would happen a lot so I should get used to it. But after Mongolia where she didn’t shop much I broke that habit by not using it in a while and now that I am growing my brain goes WACKO a lot. Anyways away from the long tangent. We didn’t stay there all day. We first went to school and waited for everyone else to get there. Then we got in the Auto-rickshaws and went to this colonialized hindu temple. The outside were pink and on the pathways there were a lot of millipedes, centipedes. After tht we went to a not modified hindu temple. We tried to go into a part but we couldn’t ¬†because we are foreigners. Racist? I don’t know what was in there. We then went to a christian church with graves as its floor. It was built on St.Thomas’s Tomb. We went to look at it but what was there wasn’t what we expected. We thought we were gong to see it just see. Instead there was a huge crowd singing and we got blasted with holy water. I couldn’t tell which was holy water or sweat. Finally we ate lunch. I was starving. At lunch it was a normal indian dish. little bowls of curry i big rice bowl now silver ware. I didn’t like the idea of eating rice with curry with my hands so I asked my Humanities teacher (who was sitting next to me) if it was rude to eat with a spoon. (They brought us that so we could scoop the rice) That is probably the first time and maybe only time you will ever hear a kid ask to not eat with his fingers. Last but not least we went to the Slums. We were shown a presentation and then the shopping. The very last thing we did was go to this garden where the people who live/lived there believe in finding the truth. There were flying fox’s there. They were big. When sleeping about the size of an xbox or Ps3. With they’re wings spread. Easy transformation from big to massive. That was my Saturday.